About Me

My Background

My fondest memories are of creative times with my parents.
My mother was a seamstress with a creative soul focused on mother nature.
My father was a talented woodworker with mad mechanical skills.  They each allowed me the ability to be diverse in my own skill set and nurtured my sense of direction to do and be whatever I wanted. Always doing my best.

My Medium

I have been blessed to experience a variety of mediums: water colors, acrylics, pencils and pastels. As I completed my graphic communication studies I believed my visuals would always stem from these platforms. Now I know that while each idea manifests in its own style or format, the computer adds the assets of longevity, connectivity and analytics.

My Inspiration

Look. Listen. Learn.
These are the three elements to my daily experiences. From researching a marketing campaign by an industry leader in technology to studying the intricate details of a local coffee shop's image use to gain a following
- all are intriguing.
I enjoy the variety in communicating through modern messaging and deliverables.

Other Stuff

Carpet & Flooring Consultants


I have worked with CFC for the better part of two decades on branding, messaging, media consulting, event planning and this website    www.carpetconsultantsflooring.com

ACCO/PHCC Convention


 It has been my pleasure to assist the Ohio organizations of ACCO and PHCC in their event branding, project planning and event support    www.ohioconvention-phccacco.org

CommSys, Inc.


 My journey with CommSys began as a contractor with the website displayed here, but within two years we touted significant revenue growth ...ask me how   www.commsys.com

Contact Me

Send me an email:

Better yet, let's chat over coffee?!

I love to brainstorm and why not enjoy a cup while we chat.
Let me know where [when] you enjoy your favorite grounds - :)

& then some ...

Miamisburg, OH 45342, USA

(937) 619-9535